What is your money back guarantee policy?

Our money back guarantee policy covers 30 days after purchase. Simply contact our customer service group by phone at 1-855-874-5182 or send an email to our customer support for more information.


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    Marianne Henson

    I have been trying to find a way to contact your company on & off since 5/31/16. The wrong number for your company was put on my credit card, along with four separate purchases. I had the wisdom to put a hold on my payments, which are now at about $500 dollars in total. That's four charges for one shipment.

    I was foolish to have purpadhed your product, but not dumb enough to be scammed. Your company provided no phone number or contact information in my one and only shipment. Buyer beware! It's taken me awhile with the help of my credit card company and my web browsing to find another contact number for your company. I will be returning your untouched product.

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